Sunday, February 28, 2010

Asher's Second Painting

Saturday at the Market

Yesterday, we went to Matt's Big Breakfast with Ed, Brooke, and Esley. We were celebrating for two good reasons:

1- I had just finished taking my last final of second quarter the previous day (meaning that I am done with all but one quarter of the first two years, and then it's on to the clinical years). And even better, I have a week off from class (even though I'm really supposed to be studying for the board exams-- but we'll see how much studying I get done this coming week, if any...)

2- Our new car (which we bought last Saturday) completed 50,000 miles. It actually happened on the drive down to Matt's. Anyway, it's a Subaru Forester. Julianne is the primary driver, and Asher the passenger. I must admit, I'm jealous. But our 'ol Honda with 200,000+ is still going strong (somewhat), so I'll keep using that for now.

Upon arriving at Matt's, we learned that our wait would be at least an hour. Conveniently for us, the Phoenix Farmer's Market is just one block from the restaurant. So we all wandered over and passed the time sampling treats, looking at baby goats, purchasing plants (2 squash plants and 1 mint), and taking portraits. The breakfast, by the way, was well worth the wait.

***Also, this could be a completely new post, (and it would be extra fitting since this current post is getting ridiculously long), but it should be known that Asher always reads in the car. He never leaves home without a few books. When we say, "Asher, we're going to go now" he goes straight for the bookshelf.

Just two weeks later

We made Asher a little pvc pipe soccer goal two weeks ago. We thought he was pretty good then (even when he sat on the ball). As you'll see, he's definitely come a long way.


As many parents do, we usually cut Asher's food into bite-size pieces. For the past few weeks, however, Asher has insisted on having his food un-cut and as-is. To get his point across, he simply says, "ooooooooooo!" (like "boo" without the 'b' and about 10 seconds long). That's how Asher says "big".

Yes, this is Asher taking a bite out of Tilamook's Extra Sharp Cheddar. (The balloon is complements of Trader Joe's)

Asher had pasta and a cucumber for lunch yesterday. "Ooooooooo!" is how he wanted it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dinner time is a good time

Julianne always makes amazing meals, but somehow, these past few nights have been especially tasty. Just to name a few: baked white fish with herbs from garden, butter/lemon sauce, asparagus, pototaos; steak tacos with pico de gallo; pork dumplings; and more. These dishes were all so good-- if there weren't already so many great dishes at our house, I would say that this weeks menu should become our weekly menu. At any rate, I'll definitely be requesting these meals again.

I often tell Julianne that she should post an occasional picture of a certain dish and perhaps an accompanying recipe, but she always declines. I think I just may start doing it for her!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Soccer time


Blocks! Blocks! Blocks!

(designed and built by Asher)

***Thanks for the blocks, Lolly & Grompin!

Fun with Grandma & Grandpa

Taliesin West

Grompin, Lolly, USA

Guy in black, Julianni, Ash

Family Portrait 1


***Video coming

Garden I (to be continued)

A new shirt for Asher/A new camera for dad

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